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The majority of our business is in supplying solid oak flooring and engineered oak floors to the trade, commercial, building, and domestic customers.

Natural wood flooring, whether solid or engineered, is very warm and inviting. It is also a good thermal insulator and helps regulate a room’s humidity that contributes to better indoor air quality. This is of particular benefit for those who suffer from asthma, with an obvious reduction of carpet mites.

Turners Timbers wood floorings have been grown in well-managed and protected European forests. We also supply English grown Oak in both the form of beams. Lintels and bespoke furniture.

Solid Oak Flooring

Classic oak hardwood flooring conveys an aura of warmth and cosiness. Its subtle hues and vivid grain patterns tell the story of each year of the oak tree’s life.

Timber is yellowish brown in colour. Sapwood is lighter in colour than heartwood. Timber is coarse textured and grains are clearly visible on the sawn or planed timber. Broad rays produce a silvery grain figure on planed surfaces. Oak frequently forms large diameter branches.

Product Specification

Solid Oak Flooring comes in 145mm - 205mm widths. All the boards are machined to a very high level of accuracy, thus ensuring a no fuss, stress free laying process, and the sanded finish of the boards means you don't have to hire expensive industrial sanders and suffer fine sanding dust over everything. Prices start from £31 per square metre depending on quantities, with free local delivery.

Engineered Oak Flooring

oak wood floorEngineered flooring is a manufactured wooden plank constructed from multiple layers of wood; the top layer consists of a solid wood veneer 6mm thick, while the lower layer comprises quality birch plywood 14mm thick. The sandwich-like construction of layers provides the floors with exceptional strength and dimensional stability in total 20mm thick.

As engineered floors have lesser tendency to contract and expand compared to solid wood floors, they are suitable for installing over concrete slabs as well as all under flooring heating systems. Equally they are ideal for conservatories where there are large temperature variations.

Product Specification

The engineered oak flooring comes in 180mm and 200mm widths. Prices start from £29 per square metre depending on quantities and we offer free local delivery.